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Jean Yeager

The Human Story as Lived and Told

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Th3 Simple Questions


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Th3 Simple Questions - Slice Open Everyday Life by Mr. Jean W. Yeager. Honestly I have been in a slump for awhile when it comes to reading books until I got my hands on this one... let's just say this amazing book found me and I am ecstatic that it did. The style of short essays or "slices" each with the "Who am I", "Why am I here", and "What do I want", format took me by surprise as it was an energizing way to read and process thought provoking concepts with each "slice" only being a few pages long and the analogies were artfully presented as real life experiences to which most anyone can relate.

My favorite slice was Dandelion Wine: Alchemical Batting Practice as I fully immersed myself into this "slice" with my own imagery which I could completely relate to as it left me with the warmth of sunshine still in my mind. All of the "slices" were masterfully crafted without needing page after page of extra words to get the author's intended thought provoking points across.

Mr. Jean - Willie Mays would have been impressed as you hit this one "out of the park" worth reading more than once...... 5 Stars

Many Thanks :=}

Mark Krausman

7/4/15 2:35am





LOGLINE: Clothesline – sounds simple, doesn’t it? But what a wife has in mind when she says “clothesline” and what a husband has in mind may be the difference between sleeping in marital bliss and sleeping in the doghouse.

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“Honey, may I show you what a real clothesline looks like?”

Tom and Jude Norton (of Manchester, VT), a happily married couple in real life, play the scrappy couple in Clothesline.

Wrote and Directed

2018 Dorset, VT Players 15th Annual One-Act Play Competition

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2017 Finalist

Tennessee Williams One Act Playwriting Contest


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"Kite Of Our Genius - Sail On!"

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Phases and Changes

Workshop on biography work for inmates at a local jail.

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The most comprehensive archive of U.S. advertising, sales and marketing, The Hartman Center at Duke University Libraries holds a collection of more than 3 million items.

Jean W. Yeager’s collected works were accepted into this collection in 2014.

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Mr. Disruption and Mr. Innovation

Tales Of Cultural History Made By The Stanford Agency
7-Eleven's "Creative Dynamo"

A non-fiction book proposal.

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Lucky Phone Call
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Lion Manure
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7-Eleven Beer
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Inventor of Ice
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Hot Chocolate Laryngitis

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Jumper Cabells
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Man on the Street
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